Monday, February 14, 2005


We Caught Him with a Bow and Arrow in the Hart Building. Says His Name's Cupid

We rarely disagree with our swashbuckling colleague Scaramouche, but after reading the following we are really just as happy that we didn't join the drive to send Senator Boxer a million roses for Valentine's Day:
Since 9/11, Valentine's Day around the Capitol complex has become a logistical nightmare for florists trying to deliver bouquets of roses and boxes of chocolate to admired senators, representatives and staffers.

"It used to be that you would see florists coming in with beautiful bouquets and heart-shaped balloons," laments Richard Baker, the Senate historian. "But now, with all the security measures, the receiving staff members have to go out on the street and meet the delivery person" . . . .

The official policy requires that florists deliver all flowers and candy to the Senate or House loading dock. But even before vehicles can pull up to a dock, they will go through screening on Delaware Avenue -- dog sniffs and all. Once the vehicles arrive at a loading dock, the delivery person will call up to the recipient, who may have to descend deep into the bowels of the Hart building, where one of the docks is located, to pick up the gift. The gray cement walls of the loading dock stand in stark contrast to the purple irises, red roses and pink hearts that wind their way through the maze of dingy halls and clunky freight elevators to the desks of the lucky . . . .

"We stress if you don't have to have something delivered here, don't," says Contricia Sellers-Ford of the Capitol Police.

Try telling that to those involved with the Barbara Boxer Rose Campaign.

The rose campaign has rallied nationwide support to send Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., 3,000 long-stemmed red roses on Valentine's Day to honor what they say is her "unwavering courage and determination to stand up for the principles of freedom and truth in the United States Senate." That's right -- more than 200 dozen roses are already ordered and will be delivered en masse to her office in the Hart building on Monday afternoon. This puts a thorn in the side of an already-pressed Valentine's Day security team.

"I didn't really know about this until some New Yorker came up to me and said, 'I just sent you flowers for Valentine's Day,' " Boxer said. "I'm just so touched by it." Boxer says she plans to donate the roses to wounded soldiers in Washington's Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

From the Barbara Boxer Rose Campaign @ Coast to Coast Flowers.....

The Barbara Boxer rose campaign has ended as we prepare to process an order for 4,506 roses for delivery Monday, Valentine's Day! The roses will be "Hand Delivered" to Barbara Boxer's office Monday morning thanks to the 1502 contributions placed by her supporters. Many supporters were very excited as they called in from all all across the country expressing thier appreciation for her efforts in the US Senate. Now is the time to let her know that we deeply appreciate her courage and determination, and that she has our full support, admiration and thanks.
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