Sunday, February 13, 2005


Letters about Barbara Boxer

I like the way Wendy thinks. She sent in this letter to The Desert Sun about Barbara Boxer
Way to go

I am so tired of the right wing thinking that anyone who doesn't agree with them should be recalled.

I, for one, am sending Barbara Boxer roses this Valentine's Day for representing my views and having the good old fashioned American gumption to stand up to the powers that be and speak her mind.

All Sen. Boxer did was to quote Condoleezza Rice's own words and to ask her why she contradicted herself and, in some cases, what the president on record had said.

I find the lack of concern by the Republican majority over Miss Rice's inconsistencies far more troubling than Sen. Boxer's shedding light on the subject.

God bless you, Barbara Boxer, and God bless America; the rights and liberties for which I pray it will stand again.

Wendy Pritzker (my emphasis)

Sending flowers for Valentine's Day could only be positive re-enforcement and a show of thanks for standing up.

Babba here,
While I have written to my Congresscritters to criticize them I have also written to them when they've done something I approve of. (I live in MD) If I could afford it I would send Sen. Boxer flowers on Valitines Day. I did write to her to thank her for standing up with Stephanie Tubbs-Jones in contesting the Ohio vote. And that's what we all need to do. Criticizing is great but we have to praise our Congresscritters when they truly represent us.
Barbara Boxer has no class and is an embarrasment to American women.
I suppose flowers are a good idea if they are being sent for her last rights then I'd send weeds.
Barbara Boxer is not a representitive for me or any of the woman I know. She and others in congress give this country a black eye and should be on trial for pretending they care about this country or the people they are representing. Save your' flower money and use it for a good shrink.
An "embarrasment to American women?"

You my dear Ms. Anonymous are an embarrassment to the human race.
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