Thursday, September 07, 2006


Ode To ABC

Wow, it's been a long time! Nothing about Sen. Boxer today, but I've just posted three political haiku at my Notables blog. Here's one of them:

ABC movie
Shifts Nine-one-one blame through lies,
To steal votes from Dems.

For more of my political verse and song parodies, please stop by my Notables blog.

How come you don't post here anymore?

Why did your "president" cave on Mukasey????
I was having a conversation recently on CurrentTV about how Obama voted for the FISA bill and Clinton against it.

They contended that it wasn't too late for the superdelegates to change their minds and pick Clinton as the nominee at the convention.

I told them if they were going to choose the candidate based on who had a better record of votes in Congress then they could do a lot better than Clinton since Boxer has a much more impressive record it wasn't too late for the superdelegates to pick Boxer as the nominee if they were going to going to all that trouble of changing the nominee then why not get a lot more qualified canditate?

Since you seem to have similar sentiments from the posts on this blog maybe you should show your support by letting the superdelegates know about a better choice for candidate.

To grab their attention you could send them a t-shirt, button, sign or hat from Cafe Press that states The Best Record makes The Best Candidate
that should help them make a better decision at the election
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