Monday, October 10, 2005


Barbara Boxer For President Petition

If you'd like to sign a petition urging Senator Boxer to run for President in 2008, here it is.

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I might support Boxer for president. However, I'd like to get more information on her positions regarding the economy, trade, and immigration.

She voted against NAFTA, CAFTA, and most free trade agreements (with the exception of the WTO.) I'd like to know if she'd support withdrawl from the WTO. Many who initially supported the WTO now think it was a mistake.

I'd also like to know if she supports prosecuting employers for hiring illegal immigrants. I'd also like to know if she will increase or decrease H1B visas. I want to make sure that American workers' interest trumps that of Corporate America and foreign workers. We need to increase the number of jobs in this country, not the number of workers. Increasing the number of workers drives wages down. Increasing the number of jobs drives wages up. Most of us would like to see wages go up.

I'm going to vote for the candidate who seems the most likely to protect American jobs, and help fight the takeover of our country by Corporate America.

I do like Senator Boxer's willingness to fight. I just want to make sure she's fighting for middle America and working Americans. I also want to make sure she puts the interests of Americans ahead of foreign interests.

Though working conditions in many 3rd world countries are deplorable, I won't vote for someone who is trying to "help" foreign workers by giving them American jobs.

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from the land of another female junior senator who has a company store...

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