Thursday, July 28, 2005


Question for "Justice" Roberts

I posted this on my blog but I happen to know that Sen. Boxer and her staff check this blog now and then so I thought I would pass on a good question that Sen. Boxer or one of her colleagues should ask. I don't know how many of you are chess players but this question is a "fork" move. Roberts is going to lose something no matter how he answers it. That is why the question must be asked. The question won't stop his confirmation but will make him think about his place in history and how he is viewed in the history of the Supreme Court. Now for the question:

Judge Roberts, if someone, like a Vice President, is party to an upcoming case on the Supreme Court's calendar invites you to go duck hunting, what will you do?

The corect answer to that question is "Ms. Boxer, you are the dumbest member of the Senate, and an embarrasment to this body. Now go get me some coffee"
Thanks, Judge Roberts, for that insightful answer...
That would be a fabulous question and hopefully it will be asked. It'd definitely piss off Scalia, and that alone would be worth it.
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