Sunday, May 15, 2005


That doesn't say much for, you know, your party...

Barbara Boxer and George Allen, both of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee were on Hardball with Chris Matthews to discuss the John Bolton nomination, and it is a good example of why I dig Senator Boxer so much. She really wiped the mat with Allen, including masterful moments such as, when Senator Allen wouldn't stop talking in an attempt to monopolize the time, Senator Boxer said, "George... You're filibustering me here!" The whole video of the appearance is on Crooks and Liars, but this part was just to good to share.

To set it up, Allen has just finished saying that the Democrats clearly don't understand what is at stake and that John Bolton is a tough-minded person who will go in and reform the U.N and fight for U.S. interests. He then said that it was obvious that what the Democrats want is some milquetoast ambassador who will get caught up in the convoluted U.N. bureaucracy. Boxer replied with this:

Well, first of all: You know me, and you know I've been very upfront. I said that right away this was a bad appointment before I even knew all of these other problems that he's carrying around. The fact of the matter is you don't send someone to the United Nations who has said publicly that "The U.N. doesn't exist."

But let's get past that. You're making the case that if we don't move John Bolton forward that any other Republican that George Bush might put up is a Casper milquetoast? That doesn't say much, you know, for your party.

That woman is so on point so often. I'm not sure she could make it to the end of a national campaign and become this party's nominee for President in '08, but I'd love to see her try, if only because of the spirit and vitality that she'd bring to the national debate.

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