Saturday, April 02, 2005


Telling Truckee the Truth About Bush's Social Security Plans

Boxer was talking to seniors in the Sierras:
United States Sen. Barbara Boxer had sharp criticism for the White House’s Social Security plans in a visit to the Truckee Senior Center on Friday.
Before a packed room, Boxer said President George Bush’s privatization plans for Social Security amounted to going from a “guaranteed benefit to a guaranteed gamble.”

Boxer has been one of the most vocal opponents the Administration's attempt privatize Social Security which add trillions of dollars of debt to an already enormous deficit.
Allowing workers to invest their Social Security in the stock market would add trillions of dollars of debt to the nation, cripple the current national retirement system, and put money in the pockets of Wall Street investors, Boxer said.
Senior citizens at the meeting, who admitted the future of Social Security was on their minds, said the senator’s appearance was welcome.
“It’s a bad deal,” said Al Gammell, of privatization plans for Social Security. Boxer’s talk helped answer some questions he had.
Joyce Scribner, said her concerns over the future of social security are not overwhelming, but she enjoyed Boxer’s take on the subject.
“I feel Social Security is pretty secure,” said Scribner. “I have faith in people like Barbara Boxer.”

As long as we have fighters like Boxer on our side it will be easier to keep the faith...

I Wanted to send the honorable Senator Boxer a dozen roses for bitch-slapping Carnivore Rice into showing her arrogant,incompetent,kool-aid chugging true nature to the world.Unfortunately,thanks to her klepto-plutocratic,election-stealing,hundred thousand+killing,environment-destroying,special interest-blowing boss,I was too broke that week.I did,however send her an e-mail thanking her for remembering e The Pepole.everyone who reads this post should send her an e-mail encouraging her efforts DEMANDING A DEADLINE FOR WITHDRAWAL of our soldiers,who have been pawns in the worst crime in the last half-century...The Tipping Point has arrived.Tar and feathers?no...piano wire.
Hey there. Just wanted to announce that I have posted a Presidential Preference poll for the Democratic Presidential nomination on my blog There are 20 names on the list including Senator Boxer. I just thought I would let you know. You can vote for more than one candidate because the poll asks who you would like to see run, not just win...
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