Thursday, April 07, 2005


Boxer calls foul on EPA/American Chemical Co study of children and pesticides

The good folks over at Think Progress alert us to the continuation of Barbara Boxer's fight against appointees who have their own agendas.

Take a look at TP's article, and then go read the NY Times article they refer to. Registration is required at the NYT site, and once again, I recommend using to get in without registering.

It seems that Stephen L. Johnson, Bush's appointee to head the EPA, has been working closely with the American Chemical Company to pay low-income (read African-American and Hispanic) families to videotape their children crawling about their pesticide-infested homes, and to answer health questionnaires. They get $970 over two years, and they get to keep the video cameras they use.

Boxer called the program (Children's Environmental Exposure Research Study, or CHEERS) "appalling, unethical and immoral," and urged Mr. Johnson to "Pull the plug tomorrow".

Once again, Ms. Boxer stands up for those who have no voice, speaks truth to power, and calls for a stop to the abuse of taxpayer money and the victimization of the poor.

I applaud her bravery.

Barbara Boxer continues to prove that she is unfit for any office higher than turd inspector. And anyone who sides with her is the turd.
Another example of the stunning intellect and respect for debate from the right by Mr. Schlep.
Forget that mouth-breather, dylan. Senator Boxer is quite possibly the finest legislator on Capitol Hill and the pit bull that the liberals desperately need. Here are my thoughts on Barbara's magnificent performance at the Bolton confirmation hearing yesterday:
Hell. For some reason, it didn't wrap around. Just go to and look at the top entry.
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