Monday, March 07, 2005


Senators Boxer, Hagel, and Lieberman Talk Social Security on Sunday TV

Senator Boxer appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” yesterday, as did Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, of Nebraska.

Sen. Hagel, whose Social Security legislation proposal includes Bushie style individual investment accounts, also wants to raise the retirement age by one year, and claims to be interested in "more ideas."

More ideas are always nice, I suppose. Then again, we all know what Republicans do with ideas that don't come from other Republicans.

On the same show, Senator Boxer said:
If privatization stays on the table and Social Security is turned into a gamble, I don’t see us getting anywhere, because none of us in the Democratic Party, at least none that I know, is willing to do that.
Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn. also did the Sunday talk show circuit yesterday, appearing on CNN's "Late Edition." Fortunately, he wasn't as bad as I expected, saying:
I don’t see how you make the problem better by diverting payroll tax revenue that otherwise goes into the Social Security trust fund.
I just hope he's sincere and not playing hard (for Bush) to get.

Hey, a gal can fantasize, can't she?

Sen. Hagel's bill is called the Saving Social Security Act. The Screwing Social Security Act would be more accurate, don't you think?

Update: For an excellent deconstruction of Sen. Lieberman's political positioning, check out this New York Times article.

Its time for Democratic Storm Troops in Stamford, New Haven and Hartford to start getting busy on whoever we want to be Lieberman's Primary Opponent.

Whether we actually will runs somebody or not...Got to keep him out of Zellmillerville.
Lieberman always seem to act as if he UP for SALE.
The fine folks over at Crooks and Liars have the video and a link tothe full transcripts.
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