Friday, March 18, 2005


Senator Boxer Takes Action Against Government-Packaged News Reports

According to the Raw Story, Sen. Boxer is introducing a budget amendment that bars funds for federal agencies that produce prepackaged news without a continuously running disclaimer indicating that the story was paid for by the U.S. government. (The Raw Story has the text of the proposed amendment.)

The Justice Department has essentially told Bush & Co that they're free to ignore the GAO's anti-propaganda ruling. So we need to keep the focus on this issue, and Boxer's amendment is one creative way to do it.

Our citizens our being brainwashed by fake news, and it's got to stop.

I think even conservatives can back this amendment unless they have reason to believe that Democrats will never win the White House again.
I think Democrats should just shut up and do what they do best: nothing.
Hillary who? How did she become the annointed candidate for the next presidential election?

Time after time it's Senator Boxer to the front, leading the way for the opposition, not afraid to stand alone or be the first to oppose.
Boxer in 08!!!!!
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