Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Say Bye-bye Biden

The "Two Joes" -- Biden and Lieberman -- can forget about ever being President.

Why? Because they, along with way too many other Democrats, are responsible for letting that infernal Bankruptcy Bill come to the floor for a vote, where it will certainly pass.

MaxSpeak has the list of the responsible ... I mean irresponsible ... Democrats. And as Atrios has noted, all of them should have read this.

For more more gory details click here.

Anybody who owns a MBNA or several other credit cards will note that they are sending their payments to Wilmington DE, so little surprise here.

After all, somebody's got to fund those the Joe Biden for President 08 camapaign..

On another point...Didn't Biden run in '88? can somebody really run 20 years later. I guess if the Stones can still put out albums..
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