Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Dems Keep The Pressure Up On Social Security

Reporting back after constituency meetings in San Francisco and Sacramento, Sen. Boxer says the "privatization plan is sinking like a rock". She adds:
This is the message I have for the president: "You don't have any credibility whatsoever. You're going to have to do quite a selling job to the American people."
And speaking of Social Security, according to this Boston Globe article:
On Friday, six high-powered Democratic senators will take part in a two-day, four-city tour designed to stoke public skepticism of Bush's plan to partially privatize the retirement program for younger workers. The senators will hit the big media markets of New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, and the New York event will include three of the party's heavyweights: John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, and minority leader Harry Reid of Nevada.
The Boston Globe article also includes Sen. Boxer's "sinking like a rock" quote plus this Boxer comment:
It creates a terrible problem, a deficit problem that's fairly immediate.
I just hope reports that Republicans will "delay action for some months on the Bush administration's plan for private Social Security accounts - and possibly not act this year - because the public has yet to be won over to it" won't lure Democrats into a false sense of ... uh ... security, causing them to reduce their pressure on this issue.

As W. David Jenkins III observes in his The New Boxer Rebellion: Democrats, Take A Lesson From Barbara Boxer and Howard Dean,
There’s a new rebellion emerging slowly and not so quietly. Republicans had better take notice — and the business as usual Democrats better take notes. They have nothing left to lose and everything to gain.

This is hilarious.

You actually think that people are listening to what Democrats are talking about regarding social security?

The chances of a GOP controlled government for 2008 and beyond is greater than I thought
What's hilarious is your commment. But thanks for visiting.
I reread Marc's post several times and still can't see anything funny about it. Nor do I see anything even interesting about it. However, to answer his question: yes, people are listening to Democrats, especially including Barbara Boxer, when they discuss Social Security. I attended Senator Boxer's Sacramento "town hall" meeting, and everyone there was very interested in her comments. She got standing ovations for those comments, and many of us thanked her for coming here to keep us informed.
Sacramentohop, I was being sarcastic re Marc's post. Thanks for your first-hand report of Sen. Boxer's town-hall meeting. You're fortunate to have such a great Senator!
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