Friday, March 11, 2005


BushWatch Watches & Rates Senate Democrats: Senator Boxer Tops Its List

Jerry Politex, founder and editor of the excellent Bush monitoring site, recently started scoring Senate Democrats based on their votes on key issues. The issues he has included in his ratings so far are the Ohio vote rejection, the Rice and Gonzales nominations, and the consumer protections and bankruptcy votes. (He posts new commentary and recalculates the scores each time a vote he considers major takes place.)

Thus far, Senator Boxer is the only Democrat with a perfect (100%) score.

As for Boxer's fellow Senate Democrats, many of their scores took a nosedive as a result of the latest bankruptcy vote.

To date, only 7 other Democrats have gotten passing grades from Politex. Those 7, with scores of 80%, are Edward M. Kennedy and John Kerry of Massachusetts, Carl Levin of Michigan, Richard Durbin of Illinois, Daniel Akaka of Hawaii, Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey and Tom Harkin of Iowa.

To find out which 12 Dems currently have failing grades of 60%, who have scored 40%, and who have scores of 20%, you'll have to visit BushWatch.

However, I'll tell you who the "3 Fake Democrats with grades of zero are: Ken Salazar, Colorado, Ben Nelson, Nebraska, and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana."

Yay! Way to go Barbara!
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