Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Bush's Monstrosity of a "Clear" Skies Bill Is Stalled

Sen. Boxer certainly has a way with words. This is what she had to say about Bush's stalled monstrosity of a "Clear" Skies Bill:
Democrat Barbara Boxer of California criticized the bill for delaying human health protection at the behest of utility lobbyists. Naming the plan "Clear Skies," Boxer said, is "akin to calling Frankenstein Tom Cruise."
The good news is that the bill was blocked by the Senate Environment Committee today, deadlocking 9-9, with Democrats, Rhode Island Republican Lincoln Chafee and independent Jim Jeffords of Vermont voting against it.

But while it's a setback for Bush's gift to the utility industry, the battle's far from over. Why? Because the EPA is expected to issue rules that mirror the bill's provisions by March 15th.

And Bush politics in social security number area it's democracy step?
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