Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Are Akaka, Inouye, and Landrieu still Democrats?

Are Akaka, Inouye, and Landrieu still Democrats? Just wondering. Because when they start drilling in the ANWR, you can thank those three Dems-In-Name-Only Senators.

It could have been the first legislative victory for Democrats in years and those quislings ruined it.
I know, Mad, I had the same reaction. I'm especially angry with Inouye, after all these years, he's turing into a Republican creep.

I mean, if they're going to vote like Republicans, then become Republicans and get out of the way for REAL DEMS, dammit.

Oh, by the way, I reviewed a naughty political comic book. There's a link w/a graphic on the blog, I'm afraid another url will bounce this comment. You'll know it when you see it.

Yours in the struggle,

Nice to see how inclusive you guys are...

How many senators have you declared DINOs since you started this blog? 10? 20?

The Democratic party is failing because people like you keep telling anyone who differs on any issue that they're a DINO. Eventually a few of them leave because you push them away, and what was once a solid party becomes an also-ran.

Good luck in 2008. Kick all the DINOs out before then, and the Republicans will have 70 seats in the Senate and win 350 electoral votes in the presidential election. You can be proud because you stood on principle (the principle being intolerance of disagreement on any issue at all.)

Or, we can all hope the Democratic party gets some leadership that doesn't listen to people like you, and they actually produce a legitimate candidate, and they don't keep kicking out anyone who dares disagree on a single issue...
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