Thursday, February 24, 2005


The two sides of Joe Biden's mouth

What a difference a week makes. I have my nominee for Dem Weenie, this week, and it is Joe Biden.

Here is the Senator, last week on Bill Maher's HBO show, Real Time:
Why isn't every major network in the country investigating a security breach, forget anything else. How could the FBI, for 17 years I was chairman of the Judiciary Committee, the ranking member. I've read more FBI reports than I ever wanted to know. How could that happen and no one had any idea who this guy was?... The Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate should be investigating it. The House Judiciary should be investigating it. And if it were the other party in charge, it would be investigated.
Today comes word that Biden won't sign on to the letter, first written by Richard Durbin, requesting an inquiry into the PropaGannon affair. His reasons, say a staffer, are that he doesn't want the White House investigating itself.

Unfortunately, Senator, we must take the road that is available to us, and right now the Republicans are in power in Congress. You said it on Saturday... A Democrat can't just call for an investigation, the Oversight committee chair has to. All you can do is state as loudly as you can where you stand, and let public opinion do the rest. As "X" said in JFK, you can only hope that you reach a point of critical mass, and the whole thing comes together.

I believe the Senator wants an investigation, but it is going to have to happen under terms that are not ideal. This is a Dem Weenie nomination, but it is done in the hopes that it will encourage him to do the right thing.

UPDATE: Shortly after writing this post, I read this over at Kos:
Outspoken Democratic Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware confirmed Wednesday that he is seriously testing the waters for a 2008 presidential run -- even as he acknowledged that Sen. Hillary Clinton would be "the overwhelming, prohibitive favorite'' to become the nominee of his party.
Thus begins the countdown until the first overtly public run to the middle.

This is the first time I truly understand the job of "senator". It is primarily to run for the Presidency. Nothing else really is important. Of course, the last time such a run was successful was a long time ago, but Democrats still have to do that important job. God forbid they should find anything else to do.
the Gannon thing is still going on? LOL...
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