Sunday, February 27, 2005


Those Classy Right-wingers Are At It Again

I was amused to see that those classy right-wingers are at it again. Did you know that they host a Museum Of Leftwing Lunacy? Neither did I. In fact, the only reason I'm now aware of it, is because their latest target is moi. Or rather, my Dubya's Dayly Diary, at which they take serious umbrage, the poor dears.

What struck me (though certainly didn't surprise me) is the childishness of their attack, which begins by poking fun at my appearance (Oooh, I guess I won't be dating the curator. My husband will be soooo relieved.)
Here's our retarded lib site of the day. It's called DUBYA'S DAYLY DIARY. Just one look at the pic of the person who's writing this thing and you know exactly what to expect. Another liberal fool trying to make a fool out of President Bush. Many Democrats in Congress have tried to make him look like a fool, yet he is still President and he still has majorities in both the House and Senate. How funny is that liberals?? LOL We know where the real dummies are...
How witty and clever and perceptive, don't you think? And the comments to that post are just as inane. For instance:
Is that a hat or a condom she has on?
One comment even helpfully psychoanalyzes me, and for free, yet:
Combine the photo with the writing and you get the idea that this woman is very careful in her selection of "friends." They are individuals with serious flaws, the kind that make her stand out as the most intelligent, urbane, and "normal" of her group. She envies anyone with anything more than she has. She won't allow challenges to her authority--of which, she has absolutely none.
If my Dubya's Dayly Diary upsets them, I don't even want to think about how they'd react to my song parody about their Goddess Condi or to There Once Was A Year Named '04 or to Oh, What A Mis'rable Failure.

Interestingly enough, their site's logo features photos of Al Franken, Michael Moore, former VP Al Gore, and Senators Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and Barbara Boxer. Presumably, those are the people who most rile and/or scare them.

I sure hope the curator wasn't trying to upset me with his risible post. Thanks for the laughs, guys! I needed that after a day of shoveling snow, dealing with a dead refrigerator ... and shoveling snow into my dead refrigerator.

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Very funny! Especially the Condolezza song. Now I have to bookmark that site too.
A condom!?! And I thought it was "A Raspberry Beret" There is color blind and really blind, not to forget self-deluded, or willful blindness.

As much as love this president, I doubt very much I could carry on a discussion of Plato's cave allegory with any of his supporters.

But, maybe that could be forgiven since they are obviously try to pick out the beam in their own eyes before prying out the splinter in the eyes of others...
That's what passes for "funny" these days? Coming from a humor columnist, I expected something that actually had a little bit of humor...
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