Sunday, February 06, 2005


Republicans - Putting the Dis Into Discourse

Cynthia A. Guenthner
...sore loser John Kerry and big-mouthed Barbara Boxer, showed their true colors as champion “wafflers”...

Michael P. Neufeld
Rep. Lewis, along with Senator Dianne Feinstein, sent a letter yesterday to President Bush urging his approval of a request by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to declare eight California counties federal disaster areas. Conspicuously absent from list of co-signers on the letter was Senator Barbara Boxer.
(From an article on Feb 1 Sen. Barbara Boxer and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sent individual requests to the president last week Apparently news of this hadn't reach Michael by Feb. 4th even though Sen Boxer. according to the NC Times had sent her letter a week before. I wonder why this fact is conspicously absent from Neufeld's writing?)

Arnold Steinberg
Where Feinstein was deliberative and well-spoken, Boxer was impulsive and loud. Boxer was rarely photographed with her mouth closed.

Victor Davis Hanson
Boxer, the Bay Area's premier progressive and crankiest of the questioners...

Hector Ayalya
Barbara Boxer, her hair finally back on this planet...

In the words of the Big Dick, "Go f*** yourselves."
"Boxer was rarely photographed with her mouth closed."

Was she not being quiet like a good little girl? Sheesh.
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