Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Reid strikes back...

This has been talked about a ton today on the blogs, but the GOP today decided to attack Harry Reid. In a press release in which they called Harry Reid the Democrat's "Chief Obstructionist," the RNC unleashed what was basically a laundry list of talking points.

I've never understood this strategy. If you have an issue with a political opponent, why do you attempt to discrediting it by listing EVERY single thing you can think of in one massive list? This, it would seem, risks losing the point you are trying to make in a sea rhetoric that cannot be parsed.

I haven't had access to TV much today, so I don't know how, or even if, this is playing nationally, but on the blogs the story has been about the gay-baiting part of the list. I'm not going to further exacerbate this issue by talking about the hypocrisy of the Right as they attack on these grounds. I understand the Left bloggers who are using this to fight back on this issue, and don't hold it against them, but as for me, I wish we wouldn't say we are against marginalization based on sexual preference out of one side of our mouth, and then use it to make a point on the other side when it is politically opportunistic. I just don't see the merits of outing Ken Mehlman.

But what I do want to do is point out Reid's response, which is indicative of his whole tone thus far in his tenure as Minority Leader:
The President's State of the Union speech last week once again reminded us about how much work we have to do in Washington. And in my response to his speech, I pledged that Senate Democrats will not "let partisan interests get in the way of what's good for the country."

I had hoped that was a commitment the President and his Republicans colleagues would live up to as well.

Unfortunately, it became crystal clear today that some in the President's Party are going to keep playing their petty, divisive game of politics as usual. And I call on the President today to put an end to it. The Republican National Committee said today they plan to launch a concerted and prolonged campaign against me. And in an even more disgusting step, they have announced their intention to unfairly attack my family as well.
Actions speak louder than words Mr. President, and it's time for you to act. I call on you today to repudiate the plans of the RNC and tell them to cease and desist from spreading this document they have prepared.

With all the important issues facing the American people right now, there is no room in Washington for this revolting kind of politics.

The President needs to stand up today and put an end to it.
It may just be me, but I'm not sure I ever remember this kind of fire from Tom Daschle.

They didnt attack Daschle like this because they were able to roll him over and over again. Reid isn't going to be taken for a ride. look at how things are playing out with Social security. So far the only break we have had is with Allen Boyd, and we are going to fix his butt in the '06 primaries.
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