Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Pray It Isn't So

Until now, I thought Minority Leader Pelosi was doing a much better job than her predecessor. But her new faith initiative could turn me into a disbeliever.

Republican-lite, here we come.

They must be serving Kool-Aide on Capitol Hill.

I wish lawmakers would learn rudimentary statistics. Bush's "win" was ascribed to values voters because that is the only category he came out ahead of Kerry. This "analysis" also ignores the fact that values voters were a smaller percentage than in 2000.

What I find stupid and self-defeating in Pelosi's initiative is two-fold. What makes this country great is the separation of church and state with the resulting freedom of religion and freedom from religion. Secondly, those who find comfort in the authoritarian, male-centric world view that passes as "moral values" are unlikely to vote Democratic no matter how many crosses, stars or crescents the candidate wears.
This run for the center is driving me nuts. I write about it constantly; in fact, the more annoyed I get about opportunistic centrism, the more response from my readers I seem to get.

I believe the vast majority of the D.C. Dems have really lost touch with how progressive their rank-and-file actually is.
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