Thursday, February 03, 2005


Newsday Columnist Sheryl McCarthy Critiques Democrat Cowardice

In her latest Newsday column, Sheryl McCarthy lauds Sen. Boxer and bemoans Democrat cowardice, saying:
They are trying hard to appear conciliatory and may want to save their energy for more important battles, such as the Supreme Court. But they've become so timid that I wonder what they'd do if Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to be chief justice. Thomas is far less qualified for that job than Rice is for hers, and a fight would be in order. But would they be cowed by the race issue? Would they say he's already an arch conservative and already on the court, so it wouldn't change the numbers anyway? Would they shy away from asking the hard questions and from stating the obvious, because they don't want to make waves?

Let's hope they'd take their cue from Boxer.

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