Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Gonzales Opposition

I'm struck by the inanity of this statement from Dana Milbank's WaPo article:
Ultimately, Democrats concluded they had neither the votes nor the political stomach to block confirmation of Gonzales, who would be the first Hispanic to hold the nation's highest law enforcement office. After a bruising debate last week followed by the confirmation of Condoleezza Rice as the first black woman to be secretary of state, some Democrats were concerned that they would be perceived as opposing qualified minority candidates.
(emphasis mine)...

Exit the hoped for, new Democratic Party, Enter the Same Ole Dems, Stage Left, whimpering.

So battered is my party that they can't trust their 60 year record on race relations to stand up through a couple of nomination oppositions.

Strike that, we can't stand up through a couple of nomination oppositions, one of which lied to us about going to war, and the other of which helped establish a governmental culture that condones torture.

Those of us that oppose Gonzales don't oppose him because he is Hispanic. We oppose him because he believes that torture is an acceptable American action. Simple.

As Atrios said today:
It is not partisan for anti-torture Democrats to oppose Gonzales. It is partisan for anti-torture Republicans to support him.
The only way to defeat the Gonzales nomination is to make those who vote for him look like they condone torture, but instead of standing up and fighting, we give up because we don't have the stomach for a fight. Do you think the Republicans spend very much time worrying about if they will be viewed as obstructionists?

Even if we can't defeat him, it is important that all Democrats oppose Gonzales. It isn't about partisan politics, it is about right and wrong. You want your "values" issue? Here it is: We oppose the systematic torture of any human being.

It is up to Senate Democrats to stand up, look Republicans in the eye and force them to say they disagree.


It is up to us to castigate anyone who endorse
Gonzales. It is more than the man but what he represents. Should we endorse the President's yes man??

I am struck by the chain of documents written by Christian believers arguing that torture is OK - or that this isn't torture as you parents describe it.

Does anyone know Albero's religious beliefs? I'm not sure he is Catholic since he had a divorce in 198o's. Strange that the offical bio is silent on that fact.
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