Thursday, February 03, 2005


"Dem Weenie" and "Boxer Badge of Courage" Awards Launched

Every Friday beginning February 11th, President Boxer will be naming "Dem Weenie" and "Boxer Badge of Courage" award winners. We're hoping that by (1) pointing out examples of Democratic cowardice and (2) praising those who measure up well to the Boxer Courage Meter, we can encourage Democrats to demonstrate more tenacity and backbone.

Please nominate your favorite examples of Democratic cowardice and courage in the comments to this post. And tell us why your candidate is worthy of a "Dem Weenie" or a "Boxer Badge of Courage" award. Thanks!

(Update: Lightly edited for clarity)

Great idea! Playing off the Boxer/boxer pun maybe we could call the Dem Weenie awards the "Takes A Dive" award.
I collectively nominate Senators Landrieu, Lieberman, Pryor, Salazar, and both Nelsons, for their confirmation vote today for Gonzales. Way to go, guys! Announce that you're for torture.

(I put the six of them in the Hall of Shame on my blog.)

Great picks, Kat, I think you have the winners...err losers.

Poor naive me, I had high hopes for Obama and Landrieu (Full Disclosure - blogwhore link).
Obama, to his credit, voted against torture (aka Abu Gonzales). Did he vote against lies to promote ill-conceived wars? Sadly, No!.
If Boxer continues fighting as she has---well ahead of the rest of them, including Reid, (who has done SOME things that have made me happy) and then the vote on Gonzales (by the way I wrote to my Senators in MD to thank them for their NO votes, which is someting we should all do when our reps and sens do what we want)---we will have to consider her leadership. That's all I think of when I think about what she's done in the last couple of months. Leadership. She seems to be ahead of the rest of them because she's been listening to the grassroots---you and me. She recognized US even better than Dean. Think about Boxer and Dean or Dean and Boxer. Mind blowing!!!
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