Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Boxer News and Views

Has Senator Boxer inspired Senators Clinton and Kerry to join the election reform bandwagon? Forty-Four thinks so. (See also The Boxer Rebellion.)

And speaking of The Boxer Rebellion, that fine blog reprints Sen. Boxer's letter urging voters to join her "in the fight to keep Social Security an insurance program that provides real security for Americans."

Sen. Boxer has also been active on the safe water front,
urging the EPA to adopt a "safe drinking water standard for perchlorate" that's close to "1 part per billion."

Finally, I hate to be a satire snob, but this abysmal Sen. Boxer news parody is apparently what passes for rightwing humor these days.

This so called satirist said I'm the first to send him a negative comment on his "joke". Come on folks, tell him how bad it is
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