Thursday, January 20, 2005


Word Spreads Fast

Wow! Two bloggers have beat me to the punch, announcing this blog's launch before I got a chance to on my Mad Kane's Notables blog.

First, Ron Beasley (The Middle Earth Journal) mentions the launch in an update to his enthusiastically punctuated Boxer for President!!!!!!!

Next, the inimitable Ayn Clouter does one of her patented forked tongue in cheek posts about my President Boxer fantasy.

While we're talking Barbara Boxer humor, you might check out the less sophisticated, more in your face Daily Farce's Rice Punches Boxer In The Face During Confirmation Hearing.

Finally on a more serious note, I'm pleased to see Senator Boxer calling for the FDA to follow sound science and research by allowing broad access to emergency contraception without a prescription.

Thank you madame madness for linking to me! I have just returned the favor!
I just discovered the new blog, Mad. I'll be sure to mention it.

-- Jude
Thanks so much Steve and Jude!
Yes! Boxer has my vote! Sadly, though, we will have to suffer the opinions of Iowans and New Hampshireites first - both of which rarely go Democratic in the general election.
Excellent idea, Mme. Kane.

I took this opportunity to reciprocate your generous link to my blog as well. Thank you very much. I didn't realize that anybody actually read anything I wrote.

Go Barbara!
Thanks so much George and Liberal Avenger!
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