Sunday, January 23, 2005


Wolcott on the Lonely Like Boxer on Rice

James Wolcott has this to say:
Why is Barbara Boxer out there all alone asking the tough questions about Condi Rice's snail trail of deceit and fearmongering? She has the audacity to act as if the Senate actually has some traditional advise-and-consent role to play and for her pains is caricatured as a shrieking harridan on Saturday Night Live and a witch on talk radio. Boxer was terrific today on CNN, refusing to back down and reiterating her questions and objections regarding Rice with emphatic clarity while Sen Lugar mumble-mumbled some pathetic excuse-making about how Rice didn't deliberately mislead the country re Iraq's WMDs, she just did the best she could under the circumstances. (read the rest)

To tell the truth, I think the confirmation of Secretatay of State is almost irrelevant since all our foreign relations are currently being run out of the Pentagon. Still, I think Boxer needs to throw these punches. Maybe it'll knock some sense into those who are paying attention...

The silver lining to Condi as SoS is that she's inside. It won't be as easy for Rummy to end run the State Department with her at the helm. I'm angry that Rice so happily assisted in the Iraq War marketing effort, but perhaps she can break up Rummy's stranglehold on foreign relations.
I reiterated Wolcott's excellent question at and emailed Sen Biden the link.
If Rice is truly doing the best she can, then she is unfit for high office of any sort. Boxer is right to press Condi on every lie she has told, and every mistake she has made.

Why is Boxer alone in asking those tough questions? Perhaps many of our Democratic senators have forgotten their childhood civics lessons about the advise-and-consent role of the Senate. I don't believe our founders wrote that just to sound good: they meant it. So should all Senate Democrats. Better Boxer alone than no one at all.

And who cares what SNL does. They ceased being funny decades ago.

"all our foreign relations are currently being run out of the Pentagon."

And soon enough, all our spy operations, the way things are going.

The Yellow Doggerel Democrat
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