Thursday, January 20, 2005


Walking the Walk

Hi, I'm Ron
Yesterday after doing a post on Steve Soto's excellent post on the despicable behavior of most on the DC Democrats on the vote for Condilair Rice's coronation as Secretary of State I discovered that Middle Earth Journal had been linked to something called President Boxer. I came right over to check it out then did an update to my post with the link. Today Mad Kane invited me to do an occasional post over here.

The lack of conviction, and yes spine, of the DC democrats the last four years has been appalling and I think the reason for continued Democratic losses. One of the few bright spots has been Barbara Boxer. I see this as a forum where we can hold the Democratic Lawmakers accountable and let them know that they need to have a spine. If they don't act like progressive Democrats and vote like progressive Democrats we will find people who will. This session has not started out well. One of the big disappointments is the guy who was supposed to be a "rising star" in the party, Barack Obama. Although he has talked the talk he has not walked the walk. We have to let him and others know this is not acceptable.

Welcome Ron. I'm so pleased you agreed to contribute to this blog. And I agree with your view that this is a "forum where we can hold the Democratic Lawmakers accountable and let them know that they need to have a spine."

I invite others who share that goal and would like to participate to email me or post here, indicating your interest. (Note that I do need your email address to send you an invitation.)

Thanks again Ron for helping this launch get off to such a good start!
Ron, I agree that since we are reduced to dealing with unacceptable behavior and how to treat it (sheesh, I feel like I'm back in front of an elementary school classroom, watching the kids swing back and forth in front of my head, hanging off the light fixtures,) I realize that we must go back to the basics: reinforce good behavior, admonishing bad behavior.

I have given up on the Right but there still may be hope to poke through the fog surrounding the heads of these blank-staring zombie Democrats. We are surrounded by the Pod People and really need to break out our Buck Rogers Ray-Guns to zap them in the bazoobies.
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