Wednesday, January 26, 2005


To make the introductions

Hello, I'm Jean Dudley.

I write my own blog, but when I saw this one listed on Buzzflash, I felt an immediate simpatico with the concept. With Mad Kane's kind permission, I will be contributing here occasionally. I'll try not to be too gushing in my admiration. I'm very proud of Senator Boxer, and would be delighted beyond measure if she would run for the office of President in 2008. Are you listening, Senator?

If nothing else, she has a full plate in the Senate--it's been pointed out that she is our new conscience, and I thank the gods she is standing up to Condi Rice.

Watching her speak yesterday on C-Span, I was struck by her incredible presence. She cut through the rhetoric, asked important questions, pointed out the obvious falsehoods, distortion of facts, and evasiveness of Dr. Rice. Her manner was one of honest confusion, confusion over Dr. Rice's evasions. She showed genuine concern, worry over what sort of person was being confirmed.

She didn't cave to the "why are we wasting time debating this when we know she's going to be confirmed" line. She presented her concerns for exactly what they are, valid, important and pertinent to the situation.

She never resorted to ad hominem attacks on Dr. Rice.

Readers, take the time to write to Senator Boxer. You can fill out a webform here. Yes, it asks you for your name, address and phone number. I truly recommend providing that information because it's time to stand up and be counted as American citizens who hold our leaders accountable. Considering Barbara Boxer's bravery on the senate floor, can we do no less?

Welcome to the club, Jean! I look forward to reading your stuff!
I, too, appreciate that she didn't engage in what so many Democrats have done which the Daily Show called "a moment of defiance and a lifetime of capitulation."
I echo the sentiment and hope that Boxer is a presidential nominee in '08. That way, with her shrill, hysterical rhetoric polluting the airwaves for that entire year, whoever the Republican nominee is will pull a Nixon/Reagan-style 49-1 drubbing on your sorry party.
The Nixon landslide - we know how well that worked out for everyone...

When it comes to Nixon and Reagan, Bush can claim two things - more lies than Nixon and deficits larger than Reagan's record breaking deficits.
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