Saturday, January 29, 2005


Senator Boxer Profiled By AP: Sen. Barbara Boxer Steps Into Spotlight

The AP's Erica Werner has written a very interesting profile of Senator Barbara Boxer. Here's a bit of it:
She's being touted on liberal blogs as the Democrats' best hope for president in 2008. Conservatives are excoriating her as in House Minority Leader Tom DeLay's phrase the leader of the "'X-Files' wing" of the Democratic Party.

But Boxer says she is just standing up for what she believes.

"I've always been this way," she says, "and I'm trying to figure out exactly why people suddenly find this to be interesting, you know. Somehow I have touched something inside people, and I have not ever had this happen before. The only thing I can think, after reading what people said, is a feeling that I'm asking the kind of questions and saying the kind of things that they are feeling."


Maybe it's not that Boxer's gotten louder but that other Democrats can barely be heard at all. At least, that's what some of her supporters are saying.

Whatever the explanation, Boxer, 64, has never been more in the spotlight. At a time when Republican dominance of Washington politics is nearly complete, a Marin County liberal who drives a hybrid car and opposes almost everything the GOP does has become a newly prominent face of the Democratic Party.

And I'm very proud to say that this blog got a mention, and I was quoted here:
"Democrats are so afraid of being criticized, or so afraid that they'll be accused of being too liberal, that they don't really act with the courage of their convictions. And then comes Barbara Boxer," says Madeleine Begun Kane, a writer from Queens, N.Y., who created a "President Boxer" blog. "She's been a shining light during an otherwise very depressing period."

She touched something .... because she flippin stood up to these neocon clowns, unlike so many of her peers. I'm a Republican, normally that is. And I can't stand having these Bushco freaks in power. For God's sakes the women just did what I've been waiting for someone to do for over a year.
Even though it obviously will slide into Pacific Ocean, Sen. Barbara Boxer makes me wish for the first time in my life that I was a California resident. I also wish the two tycoons representing my home state of Massachusetts had as many balls combined as she.
Thanks, Mad Kane, for starting this blog. I believe this and other outpouring of support for Boxer gave the Democrats enough wind in their sails to vote against Abu Gonzales in committee.

BTW, we shouldn't shrink at DeLay's "X-File" comment. The truth is out there.
Good job on getting noticed, and good job on getting the word out there, Madeleine! I just posted about the article and linked back to here.

We will not be defeated or DeLayed.
Congradulations on being mentioned in the NYT. Too bad they didn't read your work earlier, as in the last few years.
Thanks so much everyone. And Bryan, I've actually sold a couple of columns to the New York Times over the years -- one a humor column, the other a serious column about techno-stress. But none of my political satire has ever appeared there.
Wow, I didn't know there was a "Boxer for President" blog out here, but I guess it was inevitable, considering she's the only one with the balls (or whatever the female equivalent is) to stand up to the Radical Reich wing, and it ain't like anyone else has bothered to step up (well, actually, it seems Kerry is starting to find his spine...too bad he couldn't have done this half a year ago).

Stop by my blog, written by a patriotic member of the 101st Fighting Keyboarder Divison of the Iraq War. ;)
Whattya know. This is a good start at turning a sow's ear of an election into a silk purse of an opposition party.

Thanks, Senator.
I can't believe this masness. Boxer would be an extremely poor and unrealistic choice for president. Hillary would be the more logical choice. Hillary is able to compromise and is less despised by America as a whole. You must remember just because California is Liberal doesn't mean the rest of the country is.
Lemme ask you a question: Did Bush ever, in any of his statements during the campaign, take a liberal position? Did he ever concede any ground on women's rights? Health care? The War in Iraq? No.

The Republicans aren't winning because they moved to the center, they moved the center to them instead. If the Democrats try to be the "Republican Party with a lemony-fresh scent(tm)," they will only alienate their supporters and draw no one sitting on the fence.

BTW, I don't hate Hillary Clinton, but by conceding ground to the Republicans, she is risking driving away her base while cowing to people who wouldn't give her the time of day, let alone a vote.
As the defeat of McGovern in '72, Gore in '00, and Kerry in '04, Americans shan't elect the Radical Left to the Presidency as they won't elect the Radical Right.
Before wingnuts post here claiming Sen. Boxer is a Far Left Looney I suggest they do something besides listen to Mr. Oxycontin.

Let's look at a partial list of Sen. Boxer's record on the economy:
"Senator Boxer and Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada are the authors of the Invest in the USA Act.
Along with Republican Senator George Allen of Virginia, Senator Boxer authored the Jumpstart Broadband Act. This bill would make more spectrum available for use by devices that incorporate new broadband technology.
Senator Boxer wrote a bill to make permanent the Research and Development tax credit, which creates jobs by encouraging companies to invest in innovative research."

Encouraging American companies to invest in America and Americans, opening up more bandwidth for Wi-Fi and a tax credit for Research and Development - these proposals must have been taken straight from Chairman Mao's Little Red Book.

Meanwhile, what has Bush proposed? Piratizing Social Security. You can't get more radical right wing than that.
Hey, MadKane? Did you see this idea in the diaries over at Kos?

It's a wonderfully fun idea. I think I can spare twenty out of this paycheck ($10 for this and $10 for the PAC) to help. Besides, I can't wait to see what the reaction is.

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