Friday, January 21, 2005


Roaming The Boxer Bloggerhood

Welcome to the first edition of Roaming The Boxer Bloggerhood. (In the spirit of my good pal Skippy, yes I coined that term.)

Lots of bloggers have been commenting on the job Senator Boxer did on Condi Rice. Here's just a sampling:

Justin Raimondo, who comments that he rarely agrees with Senator Boxer, says "Senator Barbara Boxer made me proud to be a Californian when she pretty much called Condi a liar at the Senate hearing."

Another Californian, Robert at Virtual Soapbox proclaims with four-letter-word-laced delight that "Boxer KO's Condi."

And Susan over at one of my favorite blogs Suburban Guerrilla says "God Bless Barbara Boxer" in a very amusing post. (When it comes to fantasizing, Susan makes me look like a piker.)

Next we have two fine Boxer related posts from Brilliant At Breakfast. This one presents some (pardon the expression) blow by blow commentary which begins "THIS Is What An Opposition Party Looks Like." (A very small opposition party, I might add.)

And in this post Brilliant At Breakfast kindly links to this blog and contrasts Barbara Boxer with Barack Obama.

Finally, there's the terrific Liberal Oasis which presents a must-read essay about how Senator Boxer might use her now raised profile to have a greater impact. Here's a bit of it:

For example, it’s one thing if she votes “No” on Alberto Gonzales and Condi Rice.

It’s another if she follows up with a string of media interviews explaining that if Democrats were in charge, we would never nominate candidates that hurt our efforts to fight terror by sullying our credibility or condoning torture.

That way, her vote is not mere naysaying, but an action that shapes the public’s view of liberal principles.

Basically, Boxer could play a role akin to the SAKAL (Strategist and Ass-Kicker At-Large) role that LiberalOasis envisioned for Howard Dean if he passed on DNC Chair.

Someone that has the freedom to independently push the envelope on messages and tactics, so when they get traction, the rest of the party will be compelled to follow suit.

Update: As I mentioned yesterday, Senator Boxer is scheduled to appear tonight (Friday) on the Majority Report. She's listed first, but I don't know if that's based on time or prestige. To be safe, I'd start listening at 7 PM Eastern. Oh, and Bill Scher of the Liberal Oasis (quoted above) is on too. Sounds like a boffo show!

It would be nice if Boxer quickly realized the tremendous support she garnered by taking her steely-eyed stand against the Rice Roll. Time might have to sink in for a bit first, before she begins flexing her muscles full strength. I hope she doesn't take too long to reflect though; she has traction now. And now is the time for all good tractors to come to the aid of their country.
So true but I think she has started to realize it. She seemed overwrought during the Ohio challenge but when it came time to cook Rice she did it with ease and panache.
I like the idea of a Boxer Blogaround, MadKane, I hope you can keep it as a regular feature here!
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