Thursday, January 27, 2005


Missed Opportunities...

I fear I'm having a bit of a one track narrative on this blog. But, as I so often do, I'm going to turn into that skid.

In my ongoing effort to point out strength in Democratic leaders (which I fear, will be unfortunately rare) and to illustrate when our leaders fail to point out the unbearable falseness of this administration (which I fear will be unfortunately common), I bring the first in what will be a new PB series by Dylan: Missed Opportunities.

Yesterday was the bloodiest day in the Iraqi war. Thirty-six American soldiers died yesterday, and the news of this came down just before the President was to hold his first press conference of his second term.

His manner? Jovial and self-congratulatory.

"I've planted the flag of freedom," he said.

Where, oh where are our leaders willing to take the President to task not just for the actions of his administration but for the cavalier attitude by which he brags of success even in the face of failure? Why won't anyone stand up and speak to the President's detachment from reality?

The President and his right-wing drones are true-believers, and when they are faced with REALITIES, they paint it with flowers and furry animals and say "what about the schools that have been built?"

They've been built on the same ground as the flag of liberty has been planted in, and on the same ground where American blood has been spilt.

I like your idea for a "missed opportunies" series and fear that you will have many ... uh ... opportunities to write about them.
Judging from Bush's demeanor at the press conference following the announcement of 31 American deaths, it looked like he didn't need his Levitra yesterday.
This is typical of a Madministration that is fronted by zealots that are not unlike the ones that show up on your doorstep at 8 AM saturday with wide glassy eyes and try to sell you WATCHTOWER. This is a gang of corporate thugs who are obviously lining their pockets with loot that is systematically being funneled from our pockets down Capitol Hill through Halliburton, Wall Street and, finally, in Cheney's and Rummy's already deep pockets, as well as in the pockets of all who are swilling deeply in the trough.

Trust me, the winds of change are starting to stir, my friend.
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