Sunday, January 23, 2005


"Like Two Fighters Trying to Figure Out What's Next"

Political columnists Andrew Matier and Philip Ross talk with Barbara Boxer about the Ohio challenge, the Rice hearings, and the pugilistic stylings of Republicans and Democrats in this morning's S.F. Chronicle. The Senator shrugs off a question about her newfound visibility, claiming she's only doing what the people of California "hired me to do, which is get out there and really make a case. I did it against Enron, against toxic waste and against John Ashcroft. I think my colleagues pretty much expect it." Highlights:
M&R: And now you were the most visible challenger to Condoleezza Rice's appointment as secretary of state. There are those who think you're being asked to lead these charges because you're a woman and just safely re-elected.

Boxer: Let me put it this way -- did someone ask me to be the point person or anything? The answer is absolutely no. I'm doing these things because I promised the people I would fight for them.

M&R: Well, you certainly provided great theater when Rice accused you of getting personal. Were you surprised that, of all the questioners, you were the one she shot back at?

Boxer: No. I was trying to get her to explain why she said the things she did. Instead of answering my points about aluminum tubes, about the supposed links between Iraq and terrorists, she just pulled the oldest trick in the book, saying, "How dare you do this to me?"

She's a very good debater.

For pugilistic stylings Boxer has the perfect name. She can easily go the distance with whoever the hardly ever right sends up against her.
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