Thursday, January 27, 2005


It's Not The Message!!!!

I don't often disagree with the wisdom of the Moose but today I have to. In today's post he says:
The Moose has also observed a certain cannibalistic tendency emerging on the left that is attempting to purge fellow Democrats who don't follow the party line. The latest example is the suggestion on some prominent lefty blogs to run a primary opponent against Senator Lieberman to punish him for his support for Rice's nomination and the war.

Here's some breaking news for the lefty Democrats - you should be adding to your numbers rather than decreasing them. Democrats must be about the politics of addition rather than subtraction. Democrats do not enjoy the luxury of driving centrists and even conservatives from their ranks.

Lefties may have their differences with Senator Lieberman, but he has loyally served the party as its vice presidential nominee and he is a deeply honorable and decent man. Don't succumb to the temptation to become just a mirror image of right wing Freepers. Left-wing cannibalism - an infantile disorder.
Under Clinton's DLC a move to the center by compromising the root values of the progressive movement has resulted in nothing but loses. The problem is not what our values are but an inablilty to show the majority of Americans that those are really their values too. We have let the Luntz/Rovian spin masters spin "liberals" into something evil even though public opinion polls consistently show that progressive/liberal values are supported by a majority. A better job of communication is what is needed, the message is for the most part just fine. We shouldn't try to convert the Flat Earthers, we can't but the Republicans are going to find it increasingly difficult to hang on to this 16th century coalition. We can convince a majority that we are on their side and the Bushites are not.

Now for Lieberman, the reality is Joe Lieberman may have a "D" after his name but he is every bit a "Neo-con" as Paul Wolfowitz or Richard Pearle, there is no place for him in the Democratic Party. Like KOS, I think every attempt should be made to replace Lieberman in the senate. Call it cannibalism if you want, but there are times that a purge is necessary. Joe must go; he has the wrong message and has and does support a policy that is losing support among the American people.

We've tried including people who stab Democratic ideals in the back. It didn't work. How come nobody ever whines about the Demos not reaching out more to progressive voters, as long as we're all about "inclusion"?
It's not about "showing the voters that our ideals are their ideals too"... because they're not.

You're not losing because of Karl Rove's Magic Spin Machine, or because people haven't heard the message. You're losing because people don't agree with the ideals of the Democratic party (which are not entirely "progressive" ideals...)
Joe needs to go just like Zell Miller and John Breaux needed to go. There's no point in keeping members of the Dem party in the fold when their very inclusion necessitates having to constantly put out the fires they start. Harry Truman said it best -- a race between a Republican and a Democrat trying to act like a Republican will be won by the real thing every time.

The Dems have been losing because they have been trying to capture the mythical center by posing as Republican-Lite candidates. Show some spine, show some gumption, stand up for progressive ideals and explain why they're better for America than the Republican give-away to the rich and the election results will start turning in their favor once again.
Wow, it didn't take long for this effort to acquire it's very own wingnut talking points troll. Or did Lotharbot follow one of the contributors here?
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