Thursday, January 20, 2005


It Isn't Too Late; Boxer on Majority Report Radio Friday Night

Okay, it's too late for some things -- like avoiding the travesty of a 2nd GWB inaugural. But it isn't too late to stand up for the handful of Dems who have the courage of their convictions. And to speak out against those who don't.

And it isn't too late to sign Barbara Boxer's Petition to HOLD CONDOLEEZZA RICE ACCOUNTABLE!

BOXER ON THE RADIO: Just before signing off tonight (Thursday), Janeane Garofalo plugged a Friday night Majority Report appearance by Barbara Boxer. Unfortunately, however, she didn't mention the time, and it's not posted on the show's blog yet.

So if you're in Air America Radio's listening area, you might want to check the Majority Report's blog Friday for updated information.

(If I find out the time, I'll post an update to this post.)

Update: Senator Boxer's still scheduled to appear tonight (Friday) on the Majority Report. She's listed first, but I don't know if that's based on time or prestige. To be safe, I'd start listening at 7 PM Eastern.

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