Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I meant she holds the whole Senate together - you know, like nuts and bolts

Media Matters owns Bill O'Reilly. The latest example:
FOX News host Bill O'Reilly denied calling Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) a "nut" and promised to play a clip on the air to verify his denial. In fact, he did indeed call Boxer a "nut" on his January 19 radio program, as Media Matters for America documented. He also denied his frequent practice of applying labels like "nut," "loon," and other disparaging names to political opponents, though Media Matters has documented O'Reilly's long history of this rhetorical practice.


BROWN: You did it last week. You did it last week on -- with Barbara Boxer. You called her a "nut." You called the voters who voted for her "loony." Is that not true?

O'REILLY: That's not true. I mean, what I do is I say, "there are loony left-wing people" or "this is nuts," but I never say "She's a nut" or "This person is a loon."


[Jan. 19]O'REILLY: And, she sponsored a bill to have jet airlines be equipped with missile defense systems. [laugh] It didn't pass because -- so look. I mean, this is a nut. All right? This is a nut we got in the Senate.

I think O'Reilly may actually be delusional. And I'll admit to calling him that if asked.

By the way - that missile defense system? A little expensive, perhaps, but not exactly out of left field. And Bill O'Reilly has expressed unhappiness with Democrats refusing to fund airline security in the past.

(Hat tip to Atrios, although since he works for Media Matters, it's kind of redundant.)

Quit chokin' the chicken so much. It is really affecting your thinking.
Are you speaking to me or to Bill "Falafel/Loofah" O'Reilly?
The airline missle defense idea actually does make sense. Or a lot more than the neo-con space missle defense system ideas. The Homeland Sercurity nuts have said that there are supposed to be terrorists in America now armed with anti-aircraft missles. To put systems like those on military cargo planes would be way cheaper, easier faster and more effective at sercuring people from harm than 'Star Wars II'. But of course it is protecting against the more likely type of missle threat and it's probably likely that o'riley being the retard that he is didn't quite understand that. I'm sure he was picturing passenger planes shooting down a highly unlikely nuclear, chemical or biological warhead from the "axis of evil". I'm thinking that Middle Earth is more real than the dream world these nuts live in.
Isn't it amazing that O'Reilly gets away with lying like this day after day? It is very troubling that the right gets away with repetitively attempting to discredit and diminish any dissenting opinion of the Bush Administration.

Where is the media that expressed such outrage over Rathergate? Why have not witnessed the same intensity of coverage over the intellectual dishonesty of Fox News coverage, and the Armstrong Williams Scandal?

-Mark Heimonen, groupThink
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