Thursday, January 27, 2005


Give That Woman a Pair of Great-Dane-Sized Neuticles!

Rude Pundit: “Not Quite Balls, But Not Quite an Empty Sack.”

Other Senators deserving Great Dane-sized Neuticles are Barbara Boxer, who kept up the fight she started in the hearing committee, saying, “[T]his issue of torture is one that matters. It matters to me for many reasons. The first is it is about our humanity. It is about our humanity. Second is that it is about our soldiers, who may find themselves in captivity and in a circumstance where they might well get treated the way we are treating people we capture. That is why the protective words here and living up to our treaties or obligations of our Constitution and international treaties are so important. It is not some vague academic discussion; it is very serious.”

Rude Pundit linked to a temporary query for Boxer’s statement. The link was broken, so I will provide a link to the PDF version of Boxer’s statement in the Congressional Record.

The Rude Pundit is one of my favorites. I would have liked to have seen him questioning Gonzales and Rice. The warfloggers thought Boxer was rough on Rice...
Who needs testacles when you've got ovaries the size of grapefruit?
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