Sunday, January 23, 2005


Doctor Feelgood

President Bush kept having red blotchy rashes breaking out on this face that stumped all the White House physicians. Finally they called in a exclusive dermatology specialist. After a thorough examination, he offered the President this cure:

"Take this red pill in the morning with breakfast. Then this green pill in the . afternoon. Before going to bed take this purple one and very importantly rub some fresh feces on the the rash. It's best if they're you own."

With some doubts Bush followed the prescription, despite it being in the middle of his campaign. Within 3 days he is cured and there were no more rashes.

So he called the specialist and asked, "What was it you gave me for this miracle cure."

The doctor explained, "The red pill was a mild laxative. The green pill was to increase your circulation, and purple one was to promote healthy skin growth."

"But what about rubbing my crap on my face?" asked the President.

"Well," explained the doctor, "I'm just a Democrat!"

Personally, I believe Bush's diet consists entirely of the blue pill.
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