Sunday, January 30, 2005


By Popular Demand

Some have wanted to know what Republicans are saying about Sen. Boxer. Below are some examples of the hardly-ever-right raising the level of the national discourse:

Bill O'Reilly
"I mean, this is a nut. All right? This is a nut we got in the Senate."

John Pitney "political scientist" and former Dick Cheney aide
"Airtime is her oxygen. For a politician who is a born opposer, this is prime time. Some members are bridge builders; ... others are bomb throwers."

Cinnamon Stillwell
"...the perpetual petulance of politicians such as Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi, are actually treated seriously."

Rep. Darrel Issa (R - CA)
"I don't think attack dogs are ever useful."

*Moi* must admit to a bit of peevishness, but one must wonder:

Just how seriously can one take someone named "Cinnamon Stillwell"?

I mean, I know I'm not the only one thinking "sex industry worker" here. Back me up here, folks. Do I sense a feeling of guilt due to a failure at a profession amongst The Little Sisters of Perpetual Gratification and Negotiable Virtue, here?

Perhaps a wee bit of lime-light envy?

As for the rest, well, I think Rep. Issa gets an award for the most creatively polite avoidance of actually saying "vicious bitch".

Mr. Pitney is a runner up for avoiding the use of the word "terrorist".

And Mr. "My semen tastes of tzajiki sauce" O'Reilly is probably unaware that he is driving untold numbers to the Left as a result of his uninspired and witless jibes at his betters.

*rolls eyes*
Mon Dieu.
I must admit, I wondered if Cinnamon cried himself (herself?) to sleep each night wondering, "Why don't people take me seriously?"
Sorry, Cinnamon. Though you get an "A" for alliteration, I have to give you an "F" for subject/verb agreement.

I've never heard of you, Cinnamon, (unless maybe you used to sing with the Spice Girls). Okay, maybe sing isn't exactly the right word.

But in any event, I sure hope for your sake that you aren't a writer.

Note to George: This is fun! Who else thinks George should make this a regular feature? And if Senator Boxer isn't being sufficiently abused, he can expand it to include idiotic remarks by Republicans about other Democrats too.
Boxer for President 2008!

With all the talk of Codoliar Rice running.. here is a Blog supporting the idea of a Boxer for President ticket!

Gotta love it! Boxer in '08.
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