Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Boxer vs. Rice - This time it's personal!

Ok, except Dr. Rice won't be in the room.... but whatever.. Senator Boxer's turn to speak will be coming up fairly soon. C-SPAN 2 has listed her after Sens. Byrd and Hagel.

I will update if we get a better estimate of the time.

UPDATE: I guess I'm sort of liveblogging this (don't hold me to ACTUAL updates)... but I wanted to mention something that Senator Byrd just said that relates to what we've seen here, that being the intensity of the LGF neighborhood to attack Senator Boxer for grandstanding in a proceeding that is largely ceremonial. Take it away Robert...
The vote that the Senate will conduct tomorrow is not simply a formality to approve of a nominee's educational achievement or level of expertise. I do not subscribe to the notion that the Senate must confirm a President's nominees barring criminality or lack of experience. The Constitution... enjoins Senators to use their judgment when considering nominations. I am particularly dismayed to by accusations... and that I have read... that Senate Democrats, by insisting on having an opportunity to debate the nomination of Dr. Rice have somehow been engaged in nothing more substantial than "petty politics." Or partisan delaying tactics. Nothing... Nothing.. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Senate's role of advice and consent to Presidential nominations is not a ceremonial exercise... (Holds up a pocket copy of the Constitution)... Not a ceremonial exercise. Here's the proof. Here's the record. Here's the document that requires more than just a ceremonial exercise.
Simple and effective.
2:47 PM CST: Sen. George Allen:
I ask my colleagues to be careful. Be careful in your criticism. People can say whatever they want, and they'll say something, and I'll say that doesn't make sense, here's a more logical approach, and that sort of banter and back and forth is fine. But in the criticism and statements... and also trying to divide opinion on the nomination of Dr. Rice, be careful not to be diminishing her credibility in the eyes of those in capitals around the world. Detractors... detractors can do this country a great disservice by playing too hard a partisan game.
The old tried and true GOP strategy: When all of your other strategies have been exhausted, tell people they are unpatriotic if they are against the President.

2:52 PM CST: Here goes our girl!

2:57 PM CST: Senator Boxer:
And I want to make a special comment to the White House Chief of Staff, who called members of the Senate "petty" for seeking time to speak out on this particular nomination. I think it's important to note that the White House Chief of Staff does a great job for the President, but he does not run the United State's Senate. And I know that he finds the Constitutional requirement of "advice and consent" perhaps a nuisance, and others have as well in the White House, be they Republicans or Democrats. It IS the system of government that we've inherited from our founders and, as we go around the world hoping to bring freedom and liberty to people, we better make sure we get it right here.

3:08 PM CST: Boxer's "Condi's Contradicting Quote Board." Isn't this called a flip-flop?

3:42 PM CST: Well, I think that was effective. Our LGF friends who've populated the comments the past couple of days are going to call it moonbatty, but I don't know how you could call that presentation flighty or hysterical. It was analytical, concise, and it laid out an effective case against Rice's nomination. I'm glad she did it, because if she hadn't, there wouldn't have been another Democrat with enough teeth to do it.

I'll try to have a full transcript up later tonight.

Along with Sen. Boxer, Sen. Byrd is to be commended profusely for the way he has spoke out against President Bush's abuse of executive power and for the Constitution- since the beginning of the Iraq war. It's just wonderful to see that the Democrats are finding their backbone after their complete debacle over Iraq.
gotta love 'em.
I like the sound of President Boxer. Could we see a picture of her at the top of the page?
And did I really have to start my own blog just to post this comment?
That's blogger...
Love the site! Too bad she didn't have more support from chumps like Biden...
One would think that a self-admitted former member of the KKK such as Robert Byrd would have the good sense and discretion to not be speaking out about a black female cabinet nominee. It's not like there's any shortage of other qualified dems who can handle all the impotent crybaby whining the dems need done.

Oh. Wait. I forgot. Just because Byrd finally, after much kicking and screaming renounced his ties to the KKK, he never promised to exercise any good sense or discretion. Look for the pubs (rightly so, IMHO) to shred Byrd for his appearance of being a sexist racist, whether he actually is, or not. Remember, improper action is not only fair game in DC, so even is the *APPEARANCE* of impropriety. Let the shredding of that senile old disgusting man begin!!!
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