Saturday, January 22, 2005


Boxer Opponents Into Submission

I praise the great Senator Barbara Boxer!
No timid Tom Daschle, she takes the hard knocks. Her
Courageous assault on election fraud rocks. Her
Strong questions to Condi just blew off my socks. Her
Good looks in her sixties... she's still quite the fox. Her...

Look, they don't call me the Yellow Doggerel Democrat for nothing; I could go on like that for quite a while. Fortunately, I won't, because there are more important things to discuss.

I am a liberal and a Democrat. Those two aspects are not as inseparable in the public mind, even the Democratic mind, as they once were, say, 50 years ago. I want to see those attributes, "liberal" and "Democrat," reconnected. I want to see Democrats stand their ground on the liberal issues that were once their signature. I want them to exhibit courage in the face of administration browbeating. I want them to put up an incredible fight when the franchise is in danger, or the validity of an election is in question. I want them... I want them to act like Barbara Boxer.

Look: it's early days, and I have no idea whom I'll support for president in 2008. But since it's early days, I'll back the most visible symbol of courageous liberalism in the Democratic Party today: Barbara Boxer.

You gotta problem wit' that? Watch yer mouth; or I'll start rhyming again...

Steve Bates
The Yellow Doggerel Democrat

Welcome, Steve. How cool that you included a poem in your first post.
I'm glad u support women for Prez, cuz Condi will be the first.

What I don't get about Babs is that she said the exact OPPOSITE about WMD on the Senate floor while supporting Clinton's Wag-the-Monica miniwar in Iraq. WEIRD, huh?? Just like she took exactly OPPOSITE positions on Anita Hill & Paula Jones.

Oh wait, I'm starting to see a pattern...
Hey, Jeff. If you're going to try to undermine Senator Boxer's credibility with an alleged prior statement by her, I'd suggest you provide the exact quote with some proof that she actually said it. (And no, a mere assertion by Hannity or Limbaugh, for example, doesn't prove anything.)

A link to Boxer's speech containing the alleged quote would be nice, for instance, or a link to a contemporaneous newspaper article reporting what she said and giving it some context.

Until you provide such data, your comment isn't worthy of discussion.
Please rhyme some more. It totally started my snowy Sunday with exactly the right tone! Boxer in '08!!
Thanks, Ruth; I'm glad to have brightened your day. For more doggerel, just click this link to The Yellow Doggerel Democrat, then look in the banner for the links under the words "LATEST TEN DOGGERELS MAY BE VIEWED..." etc. If that's not enough, look on the top row and click INDEX for an index of every rhyming thing I have online. (Warning: not everything is as polite as my opening President Boxer rhyme.)

If that's still not enough, try Mad Kane's site. She rhymes with the best of 'em!
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