Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Boxer Has Balls

Why President Boxer?

Republicans feel free to create their own realities, so why can't I? And in my idealized reality, Senator Barbara Boxer is the President of the United States.

She's a true liberal, she does her homework and, unlike the weenie-dems in the Senate and House, she has the courage of her convictions.

Barbara Boxer's actions throughout the Ohio vote and Condi Rice hearings are more than enough to earn my support. Moreover, Boxer puts her fellow democrats to shame.

On second thought, the weenie-dems put themselves to shame.

If you too fantasize about Boxer in 2008 and would like to join this blog, please email me @ -- subject line: Boxer Has Balls.

Or if you prefer, post a "join the President Boxer Blog" request in the comments to this post.


I am not sure I can go for the Boxer for President thing, but, she HAS in fact shown that she has more balls that many democrats in the Congress...

Viva the Boxer!
Had a post today titled Boxer for President. I'm ready for a Democrat with "balls", or should we say convictions.
Ha. Last night I wrote, "If there isn't already a site on the Internet devoted to pushing Senator Barbara Boxer to run for President in 2008, then you can bet my blog will be pursuing that goal, as well."

So sign me up, MK!
Thanks and welcome. And Ron and Rab I've sent you invitations. I hope you'll join.
She cried during Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones reading of her opposition to the certification of Ohio's votes. That went a long way with me because I cry a little every time I realize that we've been disenfranchised. If Boxer is going to fight for us to get the vote back, then count me in and sign me up. Hail to the Chief.
I like it :)

I am a Deaniac, but if he ends up as Pres of the DNC and is not running for POTUS in 2008, you can count me in!!!

The woman does have balls. How much of a threat is she to La Typical Yeeha Male? :D
Thanks so much eRobin and Moi. And eRobin, I'll be happy to sign you up so you can post here, but I need your email address to send you an invitation. (I clicked on your profile, but it wasn't accessible to the public.)

So eRobin, please send me an email request and I'll send you an invitation to join. And the same to you, Moi, if Dean is otherwise engaged and you'd like to join us.
Boxer has balls ... sometimes? Where was she when the Black Caucus needed a Senator to step forward to challenge the Florida count in 2000? She ripped Condoleezza a new one and stands up on a lot of issues, but let's not get carried away.

Did she take a step forward or did the other Democratic Senators take a step back?
Loyopp, my understanding is that VP Gore asked the Senators not to step forward on his behalf. (I think Gore made a mistake in doing so, but that's a different conversation.)

As for your question, "Did she take a step forward or did the other Democratic Senators take a step back?"
I'd have to say both.
Ah yes, the sacred collegiality of the Senate. There's 250 million of us out here watching an election get stolen and they're all up there reading Emily Post. But at least they're reading, which is more than President Retard can say...
In the past, I was never much impressed with Boxer, who seemed like just another wet liberal. But, her recent performances do make her stand out among her Democratic colleagues. To be the Senate Democrat with the stiffest spine may be somewhat analogous to being the tallest building in Topeka (to steal a line from Wm. F. Buckely, of all people). But it is still better than a poke in the eye, and in these days of diminished expectations, I'll give her a hearty "huzzah" for her efforts.
Boxer is the only senator with integrity, though Kerry's not far behind. The rest of the democrats are blocks behind. She's the only politician I can think if who's worthy of being president.
join the President Boxer Blog

I'm registered 'Independent' but if there were more Democrats like Boxer I would register Democrat. We need fewer Zell Millers and Joe Liebermans and more Democrats like Barbara Boxer. Diluting the party with watered-down Republicans is not the right response to the November elections. Democrats can't back down now. They must call 'bullshit' on Republic antics like Boxer did with Rice. Count me in as a contributor to this blog. I lean left of the average Democrat, but I think that is exactly where the Deocrats need to draw power from in the future instead of conceding issues and fudging on their ideals. As a Californian I am proud to be represented by Barbara Boxer and I was proud to sign her petition to hold Condoleezza Rice accountable.

Alright you ignorant bastard, obviously you need to go back to school. Boxer is about as liberal as ex-Klansman Boyd. The closest things to liberals in today's American political system would be the libertarians. Boxer is a crazy socialist bitch. Get your facts straight.
Right on. As a frustrated progressive, I am heartened by Senator Boxer's bravery and conviction. Barbara Boxer in 2008!!!
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I have always been a big fan of Boxer. Her latest actions are very consistent with her voting record. There is so much talk in the Democratic Party of having repub-lite Hillary as the candidate. I don't mind voting for a woman, but NEVER Hillary. I don't want a corporate sellout.

Boxer has more gonads than all the Democrat Congress combined. She would definitely get my vote should she choose to run.

Interestingly enough, I was going to build this very blog today and found yours. Great going.

Also sent Boxer a donation today. Make sure to add her PAC donation site here if you haven't already. Thanks again!
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Just wanted to add my kudos to the blog here, which I'll be adding to my blogroll over on the Nuke Free Zone after I make this comment. It is, I confess, a bit early to be thinking of '08 (I sorta would like to see how '06 goes first), but of the candidates, Boxer is definitely up there.

It makes me proud that she's my senator. I'm also proud that she's my senator because she bothers to come to my part of the state, which is both small in population and very Republican, but she came. There's a reason she got more votes than either Bush or Kerry, and that's part of it right there.

I believe she does have balls. Everyone knows how screwed up they are in Northern Cal when it comes to lifestyles. Boxer is nothing more than a big mouth who can't see past her own ego.
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