Saturday, January 22, 2005


Double-oh Democrats

j a c k *: The Boxer Rebellion...

Every blogger has their core collection of "daily read" blogs without which the day's musings would seem empty. j a c k * (or "Jack Asterisk") is one of mine. The asterisk points to the fact that Jack is a "champion of reason, rationality and science," and indeed he is. Try him - I think you'll like him.

This morning jack* writes to us about "Double-Oh Democrats" - the new sort of Democrats we need for our new political circumstances and new century:
Like the cold-war operatives of the same name, double-oh Democrats would think fast and react quickly, identifying and rapidly exploiting small weaknesses in their opponent's position. They would attack without hesitation or remorse, fearlessly belaying any argument with overwhelming rhetorical force, and then pause only briefly to make cutting quips over a fallen legislator or slain pundit. They would take offense at bad policy and the ferocity of their words would match their outrage. They would call a lie a lie. They would move smoothly through the halls of power, quietly gathering intelligence on GOP plans, making alliances when necessary but being willing to abandon them when the greater needs arises. They would never give the opposition cover or succor, and expect none in return. And they would tell the truth -- the ugly and rude truth -- about the enemy.
Jack* recognizes that Boxer is heading in this direction, "a bold but uncertain mutation in the Democratic genome." He goes on to say that our duty is to make visible our support for her and her admirable behavior in the face of Condi's obfuscation and lies.
Not necessarily because we think that any particular action made a real difference this time, but to send a signal through the whole Democratic ecosystem that we support these kinds of actions. These are strategies we'll vote for. Those who adopt these strategies will have our support. Votes and dollars are what it's about. If more Democrats see that stepping out, being willing to defend what is right even if you get laughed at, makes the voters at home happy, more will do it
Read Jack's piece, and while you're at it, read some more of what he has to say. You may find yourself coming back for more tomorrow.

Thanks for introducing me to Jack*. I must add him to the blogroll.
Now you know Jack*!
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